Why Jason Lally is Hacking 4 Colorado

Why I’m Hacking for Colorado, Jason Lally

Civic hacking may mean different things to different people, and that’s actually really great.  Everyone is motivated by different things.  What motivates me to engage in civic hacking?  Community building. 

I believe civic hacking and the activities around it are about empowering people with tools to work on hard problems.  In many cases, the solution is less important than the working together and unpacking what a “solution” really means.  It can demystify and educate the community in an active and iterative process of shared learning.  That’s what excites me.  As we engage in shared learning, we hopefully stop feeling so disconnected from the problems that face us.  The solutions then come through collaborations whether they are new businesses, partnerships with government and civic groups, or new advocates for advancing civic innovation locally.

While I’m excited to see what apps and hacks are created the weekend of Hack4CO, the reason I’m hacking for Colorado is to build something bigger than an app.  I want to build an empowered and excited community.  After the dust settles and the winners go home, there will still be work to do.  So don’t forget to get involved in Colorado Code for Communities by attending bi-weekly hack nights to continue innovating and monthly meetups to figure out where we should go next as a community.


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